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UK online retail

If you have products that are vegetarian or vegan and are looking to increase your onine presence then we may be able to help you.

Veg*n export

Exports of veg*n products account for a growing percentage of our sales. We have valuable experience of sending parcels, pallets and containers around the World.

Our online shop for vegetarian and vegan pet food as featured on TV. Currently selling products to over 40 countries.

An award winning vegetarian and vegan online shop, (2004-2018) that helped 1000's across the UK.

Product representation

If you have a great vegetarian or vegan product and are looking for a trustworthy and experience partner to help represent your brand in the UK then please contact us.

An online social site providing a free space for veggie people and businesses to make connections with like-minded members (now closed).

Products we sell

Demand for vegan, eco-friendly and ethical products is growing

The range of products available has grown significantly since we established ourselves in 2003 and as veggies ourselves we seen simple soya and tofu alternatives in the 1990's develop over the years into hundreds of alternatives with mainstream supermarkets dedicating entire sections to meat-free products.
But it's not all about food for people or removing the meat from the meal, we've experienced increased demand for cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals, products with biodegradable or recyclable packaging, ethically sourced products, raw products and products to replace meat pet foods, for most, the last meat in their homes.

Below are examples of the products we currently stock.

Our brands

  • Benevo Vegan Pet Food

    Benevo is an independent producer of cruelty-free, vegan pet food, based in the UK. All the products are approved by the Vegetarian Society UK and PETA…

  • V-dog Vegan Pet Food

    V-dog is recognised as the original vegetarian dog food. First produced in the UK back in 1980, the range consists of two wholesome and meat-free complete…

  • Nuvale

    Nuvale is a brand of vegan products for people looking for something different. Currently Nuvale produces a number of meat-replacement products where convenience and versatility…

Our knowledge

at your service

Vegeco director's Damian Eadie and Darrell de Vries have been interviewed for newpapers, magazines, radio and TV on the subject of vegetarian and vegan pet food.
These include The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, BBC Radio and Channel 5.

Our experience in importing, distributing and exporting vegetarian and vegan pet food since 2003 means we know the market and it's trends better than most.

If you are looking for informed and intelligent comment on the subject of vegetarian or vegan pets and their food, then please contact us with details of your programme or article.