V-dog Vegan Pet Food

V-dog is recognised as the original vegetarian dog food.

First produced in the UK back in 1980, the range consists of two wholesome and meat-free complete feeds, Veggie Burger dog biscuits and the Jumbo Veggie Chew, a large mint flavoured dog chew. Crunchy Nuggets, Traditional Flakes are complete foods with added L-Carnitine and Taurine. Each provides an excellent source of nutrition for a vegetarian or vegan dog.

Manufactured in the UK without artificial colours or preservatives, V-dog is approved by The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society and has been developed without the use of animal testing. V-dog also has PETA UK 'cruelty-free' approval.

V-dog for life.

V-dog is the perfect way to ensure your pet can live a healthy, active life without meat. So whether you want a complete vegetarian lifestyle for you and your pets, your dog has an allergy to meat or you just want to try something different that your dog will love, V-dog provides the answer.