About Vegeco

Vegeco Ltd is a vegetarian company specialising in vegan and eco-friendly products.

Originally established in 2003 as Vegecommerce and incorporated in 2006 as Vegeco Ltd. Our company philosophy is that we can enable people to make the changes in their diet and lifestyle, not by campaigning, but by providing real solutions.

Based in the town of Havant on the South coast of England, we distribute goods across the United Kingdom, most of Europe and as far and wide as the USA, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and more.

Doing Ethical Business.

At the heart of our ethics is an awareness of people, animals and the environment. We began our business with a simple set of rules - to do business in a fair, open and honest way and only work with companies that do the same. We have a collaborative appraoch to our projects and business partners where mutual gain is a key objective.