• About Vegeco

    Vegeco Ltd is a vegetarian company specialising in vegan and eco-friendly products. Originally established in 2003 as Vegecommerce and incorporated in 2006 as Vegeco Ltd.…

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  • Our vegan products

    Vegeco Ltd is a specialist vegan company Supplying quality ethical, eco-friendly and vegan products. We represent a number of brands that produce products for people…

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  • Online vegan services

    We run a number of vegan shops and services. The most well known one being VeggiePets.com, a meat-free pet food shop established in 2003 and…

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Main services

UK distribution

Vegeco Ltd has distributed vegetarian vegan foods for people and pets from it's base on the south coast of the UK since 2003.

If you have a new and novel vegan product and are looking to enter the UK market then we would like to hear from you.

Vegan Export

Demand for vegan and vegetarian food is growing faster than ever and we now export vegan pet food to more than 20 countries around the World.

From the USA to New Zealand, South Korea to South Africa. If you would like to import vegan pet food, please contact us.

Veg*n pet food online

Established in 2003 our online pet food shop, VeggiePets.com, is now the biggest of it's kind in Europe selling to more than 40 countries.

You can find complete vegan dog and cat foods, complementary vegan dog chews and biscuits, eco-friendly cat litters, accessories and more.

Veg*n food online

For 14 years we offered more than 200 vegan and vegetarian products for people shopping online.

Categories included, vegan sweets, vegan cheeses, egg-free mixes, fish alternatives, dairy-free chocolates and more. We know the market well.


“Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends.”

We agree with George Bernard Shaw and many others for that matter, including Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, Darwin and Tolstoy, that animals and creatures are part of the beauty of the planet we share and killing for pleasure or palate is needless.

As vegetarians and vegans ourselves we have first hand experience with products and markets and share ethics and views with our customers that aren't there for show, they're part of our personal core values.

As well as loving and respecting animals, we like our environment too and do what we can to help it. Where possible we re-use paper and card packaging, so don't be surprised if your dog chews turns up in a vegan cheese branded box! Any paper, tin and plastic that can't be reused goes into our recycling bin and is processed by a local waste management company. They also take our non-recyclable waste and have a zero-to landfill policy, so energy from the waste is recovered and the rest filtered at ground level so the only thing that comes out their chimney is water vapour! 🙂